The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Measurements For The Perfect Fit

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Measurements For The Perfect Fit

Hey Beauties! Let's talk measurements!

The world of online shopping is booming and growing at a faster pace than ever before. From Amazon to Instagram, online stores are everywhere! Buying clothes online can cause some apprehension when it comes to choosing what size to order for the best fit. Sizing varies from brand to brand and there's nothing worse than waiting on that killer dress you bought for a special date or event, only to receive it and find it doesn't fit. So what's the best way to navigate your purchases to ensure they will fit and lessen the hassle of returns? (Because c'mon, who loves taking the time to send things back? Not me!)

Measurements! Measurements! Measurements!

Sizing in the fashion industry varies vastly from brand to brand. What is a size 10 in one brand can easily be a size 8 or 12 in another. These size fluctuations can make us feel great or terrible, depending on what size fits. This is why we say, “size is just a number!” It is not an accurate measurement of your body. The only way to know what size you truly are is by learning how to take measurements. If you know your measurements and can compare them to the listed measurements of an item, you can ensure you'll have a perfect fit every time.

Measurements of clothing can also indicate what the fit of an item will be...Oversized, Relaxed, Regular or Fitted and can help you decide if you want to size up or down depending on the fit and look your going for. Another thing to take into account when comparing your measurements to a size chart, is what material the clothing is made of. Particularly if it has stretch (spandex, lycra, elastane, even polyester can be slightly stretchy) as these measurements will naturally be slightly smaller when looking at a fitted piece.

If you've never taken your measurements before, now is the time! If you don't know how, now is the time to learn! There is a right and a wrong way to do it. Having correct, accurate measurements is imperative to getting the best fit and in turn, looking your best! There are a few key measurements that will make all the difference in the world. 

The first step in taking your measurements is to get yourself a soft, flexible sewing tape or tailor's tape. This doesn't have to cost alot, but will save you a ton of money in the long run. You can find them at most dollar stores to get the job done or you can splurge a little and purchase a push-button retractable one that will automatically keep the same tension for every measurement for around 10 to 15 dollars on Amazon.

Tips before you get started

  • Grab a pen and paper!
  • It is essential you take your measurements in your underwear or thin, fitted (not tight or restricting) clothing for accuracy.
  • Your posture should be relaxed: stand straight, keep your feet together, shoulders relaxed, and no sucking in!
  • Keep the tape measure straight and level with same tension for each measurement. Relaxed tension is key. Not tight, but no slack.
  • If doing your measurements yourself, stand in front of a mirror.
  • Ask a friend to help if you don't feel confident doing it by yourself.
  • Retake measurements every 3-6 months to account for any weight fluctuations 

1. Bust Measurement

Knowing your bust measurement is key to a good fitting top or even dress that fits. If your busty, this is your most important measurement. An ill fitting top will squeeze you in, gape open or worst of all, wont button. You want to measure the fullest area while wearing a good fitting bra. Pass the tape measure under the arms keeping it level all the way around, place it around your bust with relaxed tension, breathing normally, with arms down and relaxed as much as possible. Take this measurement 3 times and go with the widest one as the most accurate *Note: This measurement may fluctuate depending on the time of the month.


  • Don't stand with your chest pushed out.
  • If you have a friend helping, dont stand with your arms straight out on either side of you, as this will give you an incorrect measurement.
  • Don’t squish your breasts when taking your measurements.

2. Waist Measurement 

The waist measurement is taken around the narrowest part of the abdomen. A trick if you are unsure is to bend sideways. The part that dips or creases is your natural waist. Again, you want a straight, level tape measure with relaxed tension while breathing normally. It's often said this measurement should be taken right above the navel, however this recommendation is outdated and doesnt take into account that we all have different bodies. For me, this measurement would not be accurate as my navel sits lower on my abdomen. The point where the tape measure meets is your waist measurement.


  • Don’t lean backwards to try and see your measurements.
  • Don’t stand with your legs at different angles.
  • Don’t suck in your tummy or hold your breath while measuring.

3. Hip Measurement 

It is important to measure the widest part of this area, which includes your bum. Step back and look in the mirror to determine the widest point from all angles, not just the front. Stand with feet together and place the tape measure around your hips, making sure that it passes level and straight all the way around. Take this measurement 3 times and go with the widest one as the most accurate.


  • Don’t stand too relaxed with one leg baring more weight than the other. This will give an inaccurate reading of your hips.
  • Don’t limit your view; make sure you check in the mirror at all angles, to ensure that the measuring tape is straight.

In conclusion, mastering the art of taking accurate body measurements is an essential skill for any woman seeking a seamless and flattering clothing shopping experience. The journey from measuring tape to perfectly fitted attire might seem like a minor step, but it holds the power to transform the way we feel in our clothes. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to confidently determine your measurements and select clothing that complements your unique figure. Remember, the beauty of fashion lies not only in the fabrics and designs but also in the confidence and comfort you radiate when wearing the right fit. So, go ahead and embrace the world of well-fitted clothing – your wardrobe and self-esteem will thank you! Happy shopping Beauties!


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